About Us

7 days rigorous program for only 30 individuals providing them with the clarity of thought for their entrepreneurial fashion journey through live lectures, case studies, group assignments, guidance and insights from India’s leading fashion professionals.



Learn the relevant frameworks and identify what to focus on in your Brand.


Learn about real-life successes and mistakes from the India’s reputed fashion individuals.


Interact with fellow industry members, Professionals and successful Brand owners.

Knowledge Application

Apply your knowledge in your own Brand and put your creativity in front of real customers.





The program will lead to a stronger, more vibrant and more active fashion designer community better prepared to compete with local and international designers. The program will also create a network for substantial resources. The fashion Brooder program supported by:

IFFD provides a marketing platform for all within the industry; from the student who wants to share her talent to the household names we have come to know and love. By increasing local and international awareness of Indian brands and talent we hope to inspire increased demand and brand loyalty.





Committed, industry professionals are got on-board to serve as mentors to young fashion designers for this program. In these one-on-many sessions, mentors share their experiences, provide support, guidance, and career advice on an as-needed basis.


Recruitment is under process









With so many activities taking place across the industry, all year round, there is always something for everyone to learn.


With your application, you show us that you are interested in joining the program.